RENAE BAKER is the author of Defeating Scrooge – How To Harness the Power of Christmas Carols to Revive Your Spirit Any Time of Year (10/2018), professional singer, actor, speaker, and sometimes television and radio cohost, as well as founder and director of I S.M.I.L.E. in New York Productions and the I S.M.I.L.E. Movement. She has led this company of holiday carolers from the Broadway community since 1997 and they perform under the names: The Fabulous Fezziwigs, The Broadway CARE-olers, The Y’alltide Carolers, and the Currier & Ives Carolers. Her groups of carolers have performed at some of the most iconic sites in New York City, and are part of what makes the city so special during the holidays. Renae believes that the true spirit of the holiday season transcends boundaries and that every December we have an opportunity to further the cause of world peace. She and her carolers perform in the most diverse city in the world and the surrounding tristate area, bringing people of different cultures, races, religions, orientations, and persuasions joyfully together in song.

Renae has been putting a cappella vocal groups together since her childhood in Michigan, and she holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan. In addition to her leading and singing in her caroling groups, Renae is a public speaker on topics involving Christmas and the winter holidays. She also leads Spirit Saver workshops, which bring people together with carols as they explore and revive their Christmas spirits. These workshops are great for team building, increasing church membership, and are memorable, meaningful gatherings of friends and family.
Renae is also a sought-after acting coach, specializing in helping children; she has coached actors for their auditions, helping them land roles in Broadway, film, and television productions. Her ability to help people access their emotions is a key element to the process she created to help herself and others revive their holiday spirit. To contact Renae to schedule a coaching session, go to:
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