Mr. Lackey is presently the Chairman and CEO of the Global Food Exchange™,and is leading the launch of the World Food Bank.  From leaders at the UN World Food Programme to the world’s largest NGOs and development experts, Mr. Lackey sees the World Food Bank as the catalyzing entity for permanently lifting tens of millions of farmers out of poverty while securing the world’s food supply into the future.  He is convinced the East African Community holds the key to a collaborative launch of the World Food Bank.


Mr. Richard Lackey is a serial entrepreneur and an investment manager with decades of diverse experience. His unique background includes several years in international emergency medical response missions as well as nearly three decades as an active trader and fund manager in the United States and Latin America. Mr. Lackey held eight different securities licenses spanning equity, options and futures markets. He has served as the Managing Director for five successful private funds. Over his career he has established himself as a highly regarded expert in the securities trading industry, having appeared in magazines, and on radio and television.


Mr. Lackey’s expertise in emergency response management as well as the inefficiencies of markets led him, along with a world-class team of experts, to create the Global Food Exchange™. The Global Food Exchange™ is responsible for establishing the world’s most valuable commodities as the world’s newest and potentially safest asset class.  Mr. Lackey is passionate about utilizing the Global Food Exchange™ as a solution for the need in getting critical supplies to disaster victims.


Mr. Lackey has authored three books on technical analysis and market analysis and is the lead-developer of PTI Pro (Predictive Technologies International), which has been very accurate in predicting market trends for more than a decade. Predictions for the Dow and other markets have been published in Futures magazine five times since 2003 with each prediction proving correct. He has developed hiring and training programs for the securities trading business to model. Such programs proved to be highly successful and are the basis on which seminars, courses, and books have been created. Mr. Lackey has overseen consulting services for hedge funds and the creation of innovative automated trading systems, later adopted by large trading entities.