As an interior designer for over 40 years, Rita is deeply committed to impacting and improving the lives of her clients and their businesses through interior design. A graduate of University of Rhode Island, she attended Rhode Island School of Design and North Carolina. Rita has received numerous design awards, been published in national publications and is currently writing a book: Design as A Business Strategy. As an expert and thought leader in her field, Rita is a sought-after speaker and coach on lifestyle planning.

Design Services, Ltd provides interior design, space planning, and project management services to our clients and has implemented hundreds of projects throughout the United States. Through ongoing research and inquiry, Design Services is committed to providing designs that meet the ever-changing needs of their downsizing, decluttering, simplifying their lives so that they can have a higher quality of life in the next chapter. Their goal is to provide solid return on investment to their clients, merging their vast experience and expertise with the latest in design and technology.

As a designer who has listened to her clients for over 40 years, when Rita began to think about her own retirement, she started asking herself the same questions she would ask of her clients:

“Where do I want to live in retirement?”

“What kind of lifestyle do I want?”

“What matters most to me?

Impacted by a trip to Senegal to visit her son, who was serving in the Peace Corps, she realized what she wanted most was a simple, uncluttered lifestyle, living abundantly with less. She disrupted her “Living Large” lifestyle that was preventing her from living the life she loved. Rita recently downsized from a 5,000sq.ft. home in the country to an 867sq.ft. apartment in Philadelphia. She is passionate about sharing the impact that downsizing and living with less has made on her life, perhaps inspiring others to design the life that they love too.