Chef Robert Lhulier is currently executive chef of the venerable University and Whist Club of Wilmington. His early career, “path less traveled” approach to becoming a chef fortified him with a fully-integrated lifestyle approach to cooking and hospitality, through his experiences as a musician, artist, educator, entrepreneur, writer, and dj; the common thread being the love of the arts.
He began working at the top; the historic Hotel duPont was the start of his distinguished career in classic, front-of-house training and operations that spans 10 years, canvassing premier restaurants of Wilmington and the award-winning, Ebbitt Room at the Virginia Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey. In a career about-face, he enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1997, and instantl knew he had found his path. A distinguished graduate, he spent his externship in Biarritz, France working under Michelin-starred Chef Didier Oudill. Since his graduation, Robert has brought his distinct style of culinary artistry to Wilmington’s finest eateries. During that time he spent a life-altering stage at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, (2000), prepared a meal to a sold-out crowd at the revered, James Beard Foundation, (2003) and opened and operated his own restaurant, The Chef’s Table at the David Finney Inn, (2005).

Throughout all his years of service, Robert has been a dedicated and fierce volunteer to various causes supporting his home state of Delaware. He relishes the synergy generated from collaborating with local and visiting chefs, wine makers and wine professionals, restaurateurs, and of course, other passionate, dedicated volunteers. He has traveled the world and experienced the unique and vibrant cultures of culinary capitals, yet it is Wilmington he calls home and here that he sees the potential for a thriving collaborative between chefs, artists, entrepreneurs and a discerning public.

Robert is a founding charter member of The First State Bailliage of the Confrerie de la Chaine de Rotisseurs, the oldest and most prestigious food and wine society in the world.