From the time Dr. Rose was an infant she was sexually abused by the woman who raised her in East Africa. It wasn’t until she came to America at age 23 that she realized what was happening to her all of her life was NOT normal; it was sexual abuse.

Rose was tortured and haunted by the sexual trauma she experienced in her childhood. She felt empty, deeply depressed, and was brainwashed by the woman who was supposed to protect her. It took years for Rose to rise above the sexual and mental abuse she had experienced. She went through HELL and came out on the other side, and now her goal is to help others get through tough times. She is a survivor.

She wrote the bestselling book, The Book of Rose: Rituals of Self- Empowerment, to share with readers how she got through her struggles. The book details how she survived sex abuse and how you can survive any obstacle and come out stronger.

Dr. Rose Maina is a master storyteller. She learned how to tell great stories at young age growing up Eastern Africa. She has worked for over 30 years in the fields of child development and early childhood education teaching young children and their parents and training teachers. She has also worked as the Director of early childhood education programs. When Honorable Maxine Waters hired Rose to create an after school program for inner city children in Los Angeles she became the founding director of SAGE, a Watts-based after school program. It was soon after the Rodney King Riots and Rose wanted the children of Watts to have a Beverly Hills experience in her after school program. The Los Angeles Times acknowledged the program, “SAGE believes in offering children a range of activities that will help children know how to make choices.”

Rose enjoys presenting workshops and has spoken at several conferences on storytelling, early literacy, easy grant writing, secrets of being a great supervisor, and how to evaluate early childhood education programs. She is currently teaching early childhood education and child development courses at two and four year colleges. Rose has appeared on Fox News, CBS, and other media to advocate for the end of child sexual abuse and provide hope for those who are still traumatized by their childhood experiences. Rose graduated from Mills College Oakland with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and earned a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from University of Southern California.