Sara Blanchard’s passion is helping women learn about and incorporate the science of well-being into their daily lives.

Sara started her career in the fast-paced, dynamic world of international banking through Goldman Sachs’ Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York offices. Though her career path appeared set, Sara was forced to re-evaluate her priorities when her father passed away after an unexpected and short illness. Knowing she had always been drawn to the field of psychology, and with her father’s mantra, “keep the balance,” in mind, Sara took on the challenge of leaving prestige and monetary rewards for a virtually unknown career.

Training as a life coach through iPEC and spending time as a teaching assistant for – and being awarded a certificate of distinction in teaching for – Harvard’s popular positive psychology course gave Sara a renewed sense of purpose.

Several years into her coaching practice, with a wonderful husband and new babies on the way, Sara made another life-changing decision – this time, to become a stay-at-home mom. Although she had trained in positive psychology and coaching, she found herself struggling to feel successful through the years she was at home with her two vibrant daughters. It was only when she realized that we are not defined by what we “do” for work did she feel the freedom to express herself again. She wrote the book Flex Mom when her youngest child entered kindergarten, and is thrilled to be contributing to the well-being of strong, intelligent women.

Sara received her A.B. from Harvard University, speaks English and Japanese, is a certified life coach, and has received her third-degree Reiki attunement. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her children, her husband, and their dog Jacson, and focuses on holding safe spaces for conscious conversations in her communities.