Sarah E. Brown, Ph. D. is leading the charge to revolutionize the self-help industry through the power of personalization. An expert on using the results of personality assessments and the author of the Book of You™, available at, she has created a way to generate a completely personalized book for each reader based upon the results of a quick, but world-renowned, personality assessment. Other books include Let Your Personality be your Career Guide and the best-selling The Road to Success, which was co-written with New York Times Best Selling Author Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

Following a very successful career in Corporate America (Bell System, DuPont, and Accenture), she retired as Managing Director at Accenture to devote herself to personalizing self-help advice in the form of customized books. With a B.S. and M.A. in Mathematics from Wake Forest University, and a Ph. D. in PsychoEducational Processes from Temple University, 15 years of Talent Management experience, and skills and experience in scaling complicated operations, she is uniquely qualified to do so.

In addition to her writing, Sarah speaks around the country and leads workshops on fully utilizing your unique personality to be happy, successful, and understood.