Steve Boyden enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the financial services industry. In 2005 he retired from MBNA Corporation, which at the time was the world’s largest independent credit card company, where as head of Corporate Communications, helped shape the company’s customers, community, and national and local media. Steve particularly enjoyed his role as the “voice” of MBNA, with the challenges of portraying to customers and the public, the human side of an international corporation employing 30,000 people in offices around the globe.
He has both Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees from Columbia University.

In retirement, he has written and photographed several magazine articles about adventure travel and its role in strengthening bonds among family members. Steve serves as a Trustee of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware with oversight of the endowment funds and properties of the diocese, developed a Transition Management consulting practice assisting Episcopal congregations in their search for new Rectors, and is pleased that his landscape photographs are being acquired by a growing number of healthcare practices and personal collectors.

Reading articles about the mysterious worldwide disappearance of the honeybee prompted Steve to help locally, and since 2008 he has kept beehives in a meadow beside his home. He finds it incomprehensible that last year three of his four hives failed to survive even our mild Delaware winter, and seeks ways to help these delightful creatures.