Tatiana Poladko is a founder and CEO of TeenSHARP, an organization on a mission to catapult exceptional youth of color into their future as powerful leaders affecting lasting change. Launched together with her husband as a college prep mentoring program in the basement of a church in 2009, TeenSHARP now serves hundreds of students and parents across the state of Delaware, in Philadelphia, and in South Jersey helping prepare them to thrive at our nation’s top colleges and beyond. TeenSHARP scholars have been admitted into some of the most selective colleges in our nation, including Swarthmore College, Emory University, Carleton College, Franklin and Marshall, Smith College, Vassar College, Bowdoin College, to name a few. Through her work at TeenSHARP, Tatiana has become a vocal advocate for access to opportunity for historically underserved students unapologetically calling out and working to eliminate barriers that young people and their parents face. Tatiana began her professional career working at United Nations in her native Ukraine spearheading youth policy initiatives and organizing hundreds of youth leaders to work on key socioeconomic priorities for Ukraine. Tatiana also served a term as a President of the European Youth Parliament in Ukraine. Tatiana holds a Master’s in Public Administration degree from Rutgers University. She is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Temple University. Tatiana lives in Wilmington, DE with her husband Atnre Alleyne and their three-year-old daughter.