With her bestselling travel guide FLY SOLO: The 50 Best Places on Earth For a Girl to Travel Alone now in four languages, Teresa Rodriguez sets out to inspire others who want to take the leap of doing things alone in BODY, MIND, & SOLO.
In this clever book, Teresa uses travel as the metaphor for change and courage. Teresa gives simple steps to build the confidence you need to do things on your own – be it travel the world, leave a bad relationship, or start your own business. Within these pages you will discover the hope and inspiration you need to follow your dreams.
Powerful, uplifting, and encouraging BODY, MIND, & SOLO gives you the tools to become the mighty person you were meant to be. By following these 7 easy steps, you will find strength and knowledge to conquer your fears. This book is a guide and manifesto for readers who are ready to step out into the world with enthusiasm and joy.