Trishtan Sapphire was born in Wilmington, DE and raised in New Castle, DE. She is the second oldest of five children. As a young girl she always dreamed of having a lavish lifestyle. She would often say that when she grew up she would be a millionaire. One day she was asked how and her response was “I don’t know, but I know it will happen.” An adult she thought very highly of said “Yea, I doubt that will happen, you have to figure out how first!” Very quickly she learned that people can kill your dreams faster than any life’s experience can. She didn’t realize it at the time, but this is where one of many negative mental blocks were created.

As a teen she worked her first banking job as a telemarketer at MBNA Bank. It was considered a good paying job, since most paid minimum wage. After working a few months, she was able to purchase her own car at 16 from her savings. On her nights working she would sketch evening gowns, dreaming of becoming a famous fashion designer. She made the decision to attend fashion school in New York and she shared this dream with someone and was told “Why would you want to do that? That is not a real job. You should just get married and if you want to go to college, go to the military and you can go to school for free. You can retire by the time you are 40.” Over several years she tried to find her fit into a “safe career”. She tried a few different fields banking, healthcare, and retail to name a few, but she didn’t feel at home. It didn’t matter the company, pay, benefits or job title, her time at these major corporations was short lived and she often felt herself forced out.

One day in 2006 during her visit to the Wilmington Library, she came across The Secret. It was like the book was placed there just for her discovery. She heard of the book, but didn’t plan to read it. This particular day it was like it was calling her. With this book she was introduced to the law of attraction. She learned the concept that you can have anything you want in life, you just have to decide. It was an awesome discovery, but a scary one. There are so many options, how could one decide?

At 25 she enrolled in The Art Institute of Philadelphia to pursue her fashion design degree. There she began to find her voice as an artist. She was surrounded by artsy creatives like herself and realized everyone was unique in their own way. She began to network in the Philly fashion scene and also started to build a network of her own. She participated in events such as the 17 Days of Fashion hosted by Anthony Henderson celebrity fashion stylist and fashion show hosted by celebrity tailor Ron Wilch. This was also the time she started her first website TSAPH.COM.

In 2017, she lost her oldest brother to diabetes and his motto was laugh now cry later. Despite his complications later in life he woke up every day and did exactly what he wanted to do, no matter what anyone thought. If he wanted something he fixed his mind to get it and wouldn’t stop at nothing until he achieved his goal. He inspired her to boldly face those things that she feared, life is short. One of the pieces she was missing after learning about The Secret is that we cannot receive those things that we want in life if deep down we believe we don’t deserve them or at some point we were told we couldn’t have them. After removing several negative mental blocks she is now open to receive all forms of abundance. She is a fashion designer with customers from New York to Italy, operating 3 online boutiques, celebrity stylist, inspirational speaker, proud mother of 1, in a loving relationship and happily living her dream. She will travel the world to inspire others how to do the same.