Yale Zhang is a co-founder of Splitting Fares, Inc. Prior to entering the world of entrepreneurship, Yale’s background was in transportation and logistics, focusing on the warehousing and distribution of physical goods around the United States. In his capacity as Vice President of Wintao Global, they secured multi-year software development contracts with major transportation companies including Dynamex, Datatrac, Marc Global (now a subsidiary of RedPrairie). The insight into these transportation entities allowed Yale to leave and in 2007 start Clinical Guard, his first product distribution company, in medical supplies. The company has grown from an initial annual revenue of $400K to now $3M. Later, he started a medical device innovations company, Safe Heart USA, Inc, focused on creating vital signs monitoring hardware that works in coordination with smartphones running Android and iOS. As the CEO of Safe Heart, Yale has overseen the successful commercialization of research from Oxford University, Emory University, the successful raising of grants from the Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium, and finally, in raising capital to initially fund a newly emerging business venture.

Although Yale has achieved a certain level of success with his involvement in medical devices, his primary passion has always been transportation systems, specifically autonomous vehicles. Yale believes that ongoing technology research by many private and public companies will lead to car ownership reduction as vehicles become autonomous. When that happens, extraordinary opportunities arise for people to share vehicles. He joins SPLT with the intent to help change the behavior of people so that they are comfortable with sharing rides with other people so that everyone will be ready when the autonomous vehicle economy arrives.