Yasser Arafat Payne is an Associate Professor in the Department of Black American Studies at the University of Delaware. He is the organizer of a street ethnographic research program centered on exploring notions of resilience and resiliency with the streets of Black and Brown America using an unconventional methodological framework entitled: Street Participatory Action Research (Street PAR)—the involvement of street-identified persons in the research process and neighborhood-based activism. Challenging the dominant arguments in the literature, Dr. Payne asserts that all of the streets of Black and Brown America are resilient. He aims to break down stereotypical barriers and images of black and brown people in the criminal justice system, so that transition back in the community and opportunities for upward mobility are successful. Dr. Payne’s work is centered on humanizing those in the criminal justice system and getting undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty, service providers and/or everyday residents to work more closely with those in the criminal justice system.