3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen Conference

Friday, November 30th at The Mill Auditorium (previously known as Theater N)

28 Speakers and a livestream from TEDWomen Palm Springs, California

Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti. TEDx Talk: Plan for the Future, but live in the present

Renae Baker. TEDx Talk: Can Caroling Lead to World Peace?

Mandy Bass. TEDx Talk: How I found courage to face and forgive my attacker

Nicole Black. TEDx Talk: Conscious Uncoupling: How to have a Mindful Divorce

Frankie Bonilla. TEDx Talk: From Consumer to Creator: Turning Digital Dementia into Creative Brilliance

Susan Bremer O’Neill. TEDx Talk: Self Appeal not Sex Appeal to Embrace Your Sexual Body

Janesha Bull. TEDx Talk: How Asking For Help Can Free You From Depression

Cynthia Doughtery. TEDx Talk: Fake News: The lies our brain tells us.

Jaya Jaya Myra. TEDx Talk: Is Living Your Purpose the Key to Better Health and Wellbeing?

Tiffany Gwilliam. TEDx Talk: Women with Grit vs. The Third Leading Cause of Death

Chris Johnson. TEDx Talk: Up in Arms: Attacking Urban Gun Violence

Jen Kluczkowski. TEDx Talk: Today’s Mindfulness Creates Brilliant Futures.

Ellie Laks. TEDx Talk: “My Gentle Barn” Learning To Listen!

Monica LeSage. TEDx Talk: Showing up to face trauma: A survivor’s story of using Somatic Experiencing to gain freedom for mind, body, and soul

Shavon Lindley. TEDx Talk: Disrupting Exclusionary Behavior

Tashika Moore. TEDx Talk: Plug the Pipeline: Dismantling the High School To Prison Pipeline in Delaware

Michelle Nagel. TEDx Talk: The True Path to Happiness Is Learning to ROAR

Dave Nassaney. TEDx Talk: Caregivers Need to be Selfish in Order to Survive.

Mike O’Krent. TEDx Talk: Past Forward: How conversations with loved ones can change the course of our future

Susan O’Malley. TEDx Talk: Aging with Grace: 3 New Wrinkles from a Cosmetic Doctor

Gudrun Penselin. TEDx Talk: Flowers that Heal Us

Karen Pilgrim. TEDx Talk: Visionboard vs Actionboards

Dominick Quartuccio. TEDx Talk: The Bold Journey Women Want Us To Take

Cheryl Rice. TEDx Talk: Two Words Can Change the World

Lauri Robbins Ericson. TEDx Talk: Changing the World with Inspiring Stories of Leadership

Cyrus Rosen. TEDx Talk: Connection is Part of the Cure

Kien Vuu. TEDx Talk: The Unconventional Prescription: YOU are your best Medicine

Patrick Wright. TEDx Talk: How our Parents Screw Us Up




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That’s a lot of Ideas Worth Spreading!

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