Errol Ebanks
“A Cloud Full of Memories”
7th Annual TEDxWilmington Conference // 27 September 2018

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Meet the Speakers: Errol Ebanks for TEDxWilmington
Fri. 17 August 2018

In the words of Kelly Clarkson, “A moment like this Some people wait a lifetime, For a moment like this Some people search forever, For that one special kiss” Ok, well not a kiss per say on this but a kiss of determination to make something that seemed far away to be possible.

My journey to TEDxWilmington was riddled with self-doubt, nervousness, creative roadblocks, and just thinking am I truly ready for this big stage?

About 4 years ago I heard of this thing call TED, and I wanted to know what was this all about. What was truly amazing was when I clicked my first video. One was Simon Sinek, and then was other videos of ordinary people who are sharing their ideas with the world. To coin the phrase what Steve Jobs said, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it.” It made me wonder, how can I influence the world at 31 years of age. Do I have 3 decades of experience that anyone would want to listen to? All these moments were running in my head.

My friend Kristen first brought to my attention TEDxWilmington was having a conference. I didn’t even know TEDx was a thing in Delaware. As the months went on I kept watching TEDx videos and figuring out my topic. But narrowing it down to what I know and love besides photography is the cloud and cloud technology. When I found out I would be giving a talk I was ecstatic. Sharing my joy with family and friends I saw the love and support they give me. I am truly honored and looking forward to this new journey. Thank you TEDxWilmington.


the TEDx process: Errol Ebanks for TEDxWilmington
Wed. 29 August 2018

The process of A Cloud Full of Memories has been an eye-opening experience. The invaluable feedback from the TEDx tribe truly showed me they want the best out of their speakers. With this being my first TEDxWilmington or TEDx talk in general, I’ve been consulting with friends on how I can make my talk the best it can be. It is truly a humbling experience to see what their concerns are about the cloud and figuring out ways I can bring a real-world “ah ha” moment to the stage.

However, my goal is to not stop there at consulting just my friends and family but using the wisdom of those who have done this before through listening to one of my mentors, Taria. She’s truly been giving me advice and helping along the way on how to make my talk the best it can be. Being inspired by the people around me has made me change my thought process and presentation.

I love being challenged in my mind, for this keeps me alert and wanting me to prove that I can do this and be an inspiration to others. I want to share my knowledge with people who may have a difficult time understanding the cloud, those people who fear the cloud and have vowed to avoid it. With this presentation called A Cloud Full of Memories, I want people to have a better understanding that the cloud is not scary, but a place you can preserve those special moments forever.


Reflecting: Errol Ebanks for TEDxWilmington
Weds. 3 October 2018

Who knew that hitting send on the TEDxWilmington speaker agreement would truly change my life and give me an experience I would never forget. Talking with my friend/mentor Taria Pritchett, I wondered if I should do this TEDx talk. Did I have an idea worth spreading that would captivate anyone but myself? But she insisted I should do it. So, on July 1st I filled out the form and hit send. In my heart, I knew I would be chosen, but in my mind I was taking a large risk.

Already speaking the possibility into existence that I would be chosen to speak at TEDx, but I still had that feeling of what if I didn’t get it? A few days passed, and I thought maybe this was just a dream and I’d have to wait my turn. But my turn came much sooner than expected. On July 11th getting that letter from the TEDxWilmington tribe stating, “you have been officially selected from a large pool of applicants to give a TEDx talk our 7th Annual Conference on Thursday, September 27, 2018!”

Having watched videos of countless ideas worth spreading, I hoped to one day share an idea worth spreading, and I finally got that opportunity with sharing “A Cloud Full Memories.”

Looking back at this amazing journey with TEDxWilmington I realize this whole process built that confidence in me to speak on a stage and inspire someone’s thought process. My biggest take away was not me being on stage, the biggest take away was meeting my fellow TEDx speakers and hearing their ideas. Each idea had thought and passion behind it, each speaker truly had a voice that helped each of us grow. With TEDx not only did it build a dream and reality, but it created a family.

Whether it’s behind the lens or in front of a computer, Errol Ebanks brings his passion, teaching, and expertise to his clients and the community he serves. Born in New York, Errol’s thirst for knowledge of everything photography and tech came about a decade ago. Within that decade of graduating Wilmington University with a bachelor’s in media design, Errol started his own photography business in Delaware known as Errol E Photography. To this day he follows the motto of, “Every Moment Deserves A Better Picture and Every Great Picture Tells A Better Story.” READ MORE 

7th Annual TEDxWilmington Conference // Thursday September 27th 2018

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