You are about to experience a life changing moment.

You won’t leave the same, the same way you came.

“Cause He’s in our very mist.

Anything can happen in Him.

This moment is designed…for God to change your life.

Those were the last words I heard as I exited the car [before entering Wilmington Public Library on November 17th, 2016 to give my first TEDx talk].  Like a butterfly tamer, Jonathan Nelson’s melodic words calmed my queasiness.   They reminded me I was created to shift the atmosphere.  I had an idea worth sharing yet knew if I messed up it would be quarantined.  Kids I will never meet needed me to succeed.  With trepidation and great anticipation, I delivered my most impassioned ten minute speech.  As I left the infamous red carpet, I prayed my words would resonate and birth a movement.

The immediate feedback from my TEDx Tribe, attendees, family, friends and colleagues was very encouraging.  Emails began to come in from potential telementors.  Then I received a message from the director of curriculum and development for Christina School District.  Here are a couple of excerpts:

“You are a rainbow maker for sure.  Sign me up and teach me what I need to do to also be a rainbow in someone’s clouds.”

“Let’s talk about how we can do this in all of my elementary schools.”

I must have reread this a thousand times.  Just three days had passed and someone had embraced my idea and wants to help bring it to fruition.  As if this wasn’t enough, she emailed the next day to see if I was interested in appearing on a local cable show to showcase our Telementoring program.

All of my years of planting and harvesting are now producing a rich and abundant harvest.  Through this TEDx experience, I learned that the village is waiting.  The right platform and delivery will cause one’s idea to become a reality.

Now when I look in the mirror, I embrace my new title of…

Rainbow Maker

Lozetta Hayden was a speaker at our TEDxWilmingtonSalon – November 17, 2016. She teaches first grade at Pulaski Elementary school, serving on the instructional leadership team and building union representative. Her life’s journey has allowed her to be a visionary leader in bridging the gap between home, school and community. Learn more about her HERE.