Rose Maina
“Could there be a Pedophile Hiding in your Family Tree and How Stranger Danger is the Absolute Wrong to Tell Children”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

Preparing for my TEDxWilmington talk was both intimidating and exciting for me.  I have always been complimented for my speeches and having the ability to influence and change people.  When I read the TEDx guidelines I entered into deep self-doubt and massive fear.  Never before had I doubted my gift and ability of speaking until TEDx.  I almost quit, but I refused to let my ego block me from this new challenge to spread the great idea I had the ‘TED way’.

Reading Chris Anderson’s TED Talks, the NY Bestseller, helped me dig deeper and care more about the process of preparation.  Yes, he’s right; shorter speeches do take more preparation time.  As a Child Development Professor, I have 45 minutes for my lecture with 2 hours tops for preparation.  Already preparing for my short 10 minutes with TEDxWilmington has already taken 5 days to prep! So many new realizations to utilize are emerging like the arc of taking the audience on the journey, having takeaways and a compelling through line.

Deciding to apply to TEDxWilmington is the best decision I have made to date.  I was 4 years old, when I saw myself in dreams standing on the big stages sharing important ideas.  Being an advocate for young children is something I have done for many years but I have never really owned the why fully.  TEDx now gives me the opportunity to own that horrific why.

Yes, I cannot lie that preparing for my TEDxWilmingtonWomen talk is kicking every part of me to be seen, brave and authentic but it’s all worth it. So I have kicked myself into high gear with higher expectations of myself to fully equip and empower others to overcome the worst in their lives.

From the time Dr. Rose was an infant, she was sexually abused by the woman who raised her in East Africa. It wasn’t until she came to America at 23 years old that she realized what was happening to her all of her life was NOT normal; it was sexual abuse. Dr. Rose is currently teaching ECE and Child Development courses at 2 and 4 year colleges. Rose has appeared on TV specifically on Fox News, CBS and other media advocating for the end of sexual child abuse and providing hope for those who are still traumatized by their childhood experiences. Rose graduated from Mills College Oakland with her masters in Early Childhood Education and from University of Southern California with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. READ MORE

2nd Annual TEDxWilmington Women :: Bridge Builder :: Thursday Nov. 2nd 2017 :: The Mill Auditorium ::  MORE INFO