TEDxWilmingtonED: Education Possible


The first annual TEDxWilmingtonED Conference will be held on Friday, February 9, 2018. Through an exciting lineup of curated TED and TEDx Talks, we will explore the many aspects of this year’s theme: Education Possible. These talks will explore the positive impact that education has on young minds as well as some areas in need of vast improvements. Speakers will include educators, students, parents, and politicians, but all of our speakers will seek to create and explore a better global environment for learning.

This TEDxWilmingtonED Conference license follows the same format as the TEDxWilmington Annual Conference.

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Event Speakers

Tatiana Poladko

The Education's Well-Intended People's Problem

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Elaine Wells

Why the Fight is Never Over

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Jessica Santana

Our Next Tech Geniuses Are Sitting In Our Classrooms and Working In Our Bodegas

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Benjamin Riley

The (Emerging) Science of Learning Organizations

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Marilyn Rhames

Why Faith Will Fix Education

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Lindsay Page

Supporting Students To Do College Successfully

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Lisa Mims

The Power of a Caring Teacher

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Maria Maza

Mind The Opportunity Gap

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Jason Lange

Is College Still Worth It?

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Ross Kasun

Yesterday's Schools Will Not Prepare Students for Tomorrow: Let's Change What We Do Today

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Garry Johnson

Educating to Design

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Ernest Hudson

Spatulearn: A Taste of Academics

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Robyn Howton

The Key To Improving Our Schools is in the Classroom Already

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Lindsay Hill

Rebuilding the Foundation to Realize the Promise

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Jordan Estock

Creating Authentic Real World Learning Opportunities

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Melissa Corto

Compliance Is Not Enough

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Vincent Cobb

Why Black Male Educators Matter

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Ashley Berner

No One Way to School: Educational Pluralism and Why it Matters

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Melissa Benbow

Why You Shouldn't Go To Princeton

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Sheila Saremzadeh

The Social Capital Gap

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Ronald Russo

Teaching is a Profession But Education is a Business

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Michael Phillips

Time For Every Purpose

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Kendall Massett

How a Hospitality Mindset Can Set the Table for Learning

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Stephanie Diggins

Exploring the Teacher Academy: An Insider's Perspective

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The Venue

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Address: 42 W 11th St, Wilmington, DE,19801

Phone: 302-521-9769

Email: ajitgeorge@tedxwilmington.com