headshot_uncroppedby Kevin Rose

Preparing for the 2016 TEDxWilmington Conference, that question has taken me deeper into my soul than I ever would have imagined. Perhaps that sounds a bit dramatic, but truth nonetheless. As I work to refine the message of my idea, I find myself wondering if it is only a pipe dream.

Although the methods I have learned over time have helped thousands of people feel better, what are thousands when there are billions left to serve? It seems like an impossible task. So, is the idea I have REALLY worth spreading if only a small percentage can be affected? I received the answer a week ago.

I got a call from a combat veteran who attended The CATalyst grounding experience and is the focus of one of the stories I will be sharing. He left a message saying he had some really great news and was excited to share. I called him back and here is the news:

After returning from military service, his personal life took a nose dive. As a result of dealing with the challenges of his intense military experiences, he and his wife divorced. To make matters worse, he was limited access to his three children and the youngest he hadn’t seen since she was an infant.

Just that weekend, for the first time in years, he was able to spend time with all of his children together. He heard his infant daughter, now a growing child, call him “daddy” for the first time. He thanked me profusely for helping him find his grounding and making this possible.

Tears streamed down my face and I humbly thanked The Universe for delivering me this idea worth spreading. Perhaps it begins with one, but multiplies to infinity. Peace is not a pipe dream, it is reality.