Chris Ungermann is committed to innovation in disinfection and sustainable chemistry, a passion that led to his current role as CEO and investor in Sanosil International. Sansoil International is a privately held company that manufactures and markets patented, cutting edge, anti-microbial formulas, and equipment for creating a safe environment through surface disinfection and water treatment. Sanosil’s unique chemistry is based on a stabilization process that blends hydrogen peroxide and silver to create broad-spectrum, safe, and eco-friendly solutions for killing germs without creating antibiotic resistant pathogens, or undesirable environmental byproducts. Before Sanosil, Chris worked in the chemical industry with DuPont and other technology leaders for over 20 years in sales, marketing, product development, and manufacturing roles. He was born and educated in Germany with a BS degree in Engineering and has travelled extensively. Chris has lived in Germany, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States.