George J. Chanos, Esq. served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. He administered Nevada’s Department of Justice and acted as the state’s chief legal officer and advisor. He also successfully argued the case of Warton v. Bockting, 549 U.S. 406 (2007), before the United States Supreme Court.  

Prior to serving as Nevada’s Attorney General, Mr. Chanos had a distinguished legal career, representing individual and corporate clients on all matters relating to the growth and management of their businesses.  

In November of 2012, he suffered a major heart attack. It made him reflect upon his own mortality and sharpened his focus on what’s truly important. It inspired him to reduce to writing what he considered life’s most important lessons. Lessons that he believed would help his family lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. His book, Seize Your Destiny; A Road Map to Success, available on Amazon, contains those lessons. His second book, Millennial Samurai; A Tool Kit for the 21st Century, will be published later this year. 

Mr. Chanos has a common-sense approach to dealing with problems and a unique ability to understand and explain complex issues. He also has a clear vision and uncommon insights, concerning how anyone, regardless of circumstance, can overcome the challenges they face and go on to design and lead a happy, successful and meaningful life.  

In doing research for his books, Mr. Chanos has identified what he refers to as “An Unprecedented Convergence of Promise and Peril.” Mr. Chanos writes and speaks on what he sees as our collective future, and offers important insight and advice, on how we can reach our individual and collective potential, in what promises to be a rapidly and radically changing environment.