Janesha Bull is a graduating senior at Delaware State University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising. Her brand encompasses her blog, justlikeyoujustfabulous.com and Youtube channel where she creates content about relationships, fashion, and mental health. Janesha’s personal mental health journey has inspired her to become an advocate for addressing the stigma around talking about mental health. She’s committed to ensuring everyone takes the time to talk about their own mental healthy journey so everyone gets the attention and care they deserve. Janesha created and hosted the first annual Be the Hope, Leave with Hope. This was a mental health awareness event hosted at Delaware State University to further the conversation, establish a safe place for people to hear and share stories, and also be presented with resources if they are in need of help. After graduation, Janesha will continue her mission to raise awareness and change the stigma around mental health.