Katherine von Duyke received her Ph.D. in Sociocultural and Communal Approaches to Education in 2013. Her research on student agency in schooling contexts highlights the ways in which agents are in tension with, transforming, and transcending situated contexts and discourses. She has critiqued open democratic schools, analyzed the way student agency is conceptualized in education, and evaluated educational discourses for their ability to connect with student thinking. Deeply influenced by the works of L.S. Vygotsky, and M. Bakhtin she argues that education has traditionally focused on cultural transference, or an ideal of what culture should be. Instead, she suggests education can support students’ meaning making participation in and reflective and creative reinterpretation of culture. Her experiences in education have been varied: she has been a homeschooling parent, directed a cooperative Montessori school, taught in a public Montessori Charter school, taught high school science. Katherine currently teaches as a professor of education where has been teaching math, foundations, and multicultural diversity courses.