Monica is a coach/trainer at heart. Influenced and encouraged by her experiences with great coaches and teachers as a youth in Southern California, she aspired to teach and develop others from a young age. She began coaching as a math tutor at her university, helping students overcome their challenges and blocks with understanding math up through calculus. She applied this love of coaching in her sales careers, stepping up as the team trainer while working on multiple teams in pharmaceuticals. She jumped at the chance to educate and encourage patients with a rare lung condition (Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency) while working in plasma sales. She coached new sales representatives from all her teams in pharma and biotech.

In 2013, she took this love of training and development to a new level when she got certified as a trainer with Dale Carnegie and Associates. From 2014-2017, she traveled around the US, developing leaders from AAA in communication, coaching, hiring/onboarding, public speaking, and driving performance, using Dale Carnegie and Associates’ curriculum.

Since 2007, she has spent tremendous time and effort managing chronic pain and the neurologic effects from a major motor vehicle accident. Once again in the role of “learner” rather than coach, in this area of her life, Monica has devoted up to four hours per week exploring treatments to alleviate or heal her symptoms. Gaining the most long-term traction with a form of trauma therapy called Somatic Experiencing, this has been the focus of her last 4 years. Using a customized version of Somatic Experiencing that addressed her physical and emotional symptoms, Monica has achieved pain reduction, anxiety reduction, reconnection to parts of her body she couldn’t feel, control over unplanned movements, and greater well-being.

This journey has brought her to the point she can teach others to use the process as she learned it, and intends to pass along this information and these skills to help others prevent traumatic experiences from getting stuck in their bodies and minds, and to help others to heal from the effects of traumas that already impact them. She has created a workshop to transfer these skills to others.