Rod Wallace, PhD, is a leading business strategist and speaker focused on energizing organizations to deliver profit and make a difference.

With a unique background combining international business, economics, and technology, Wallace challenges teams to integrate diverse perspectives into a coherent purpose with value for both investors and society.

In his new book, Drowning in Potential: How American Society Can Survive Digital Technology, Wallace provides groundbreaking insights, strategies, and tools for overcoming our society’s most pressing issues.

Organizations choose to work with Wallace because of his innovative approach. He challenges businesses to deliver the greatest profit by expanding their ability to improve society.

Wallace guides companies and executives from startups to Fortune 500 toward concrete solutions to large-scale problems. Global leaders working with Wallace have delivered strategic plans for businesses with over $10 billion in turnover and strategic fit analyses for more than $4 billion in potential acquisitions.

Wallace served as a Leadership Team Member for Cargill Incorporated Refined Oils Europe, a $3 billion enterprise headquartered in the Netherlands. He collaborated with Silicon Valley pioneer Dr. Steve Omohundro in exploring the impact of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology on society. And he was an invited researcher to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Wallace earned his PhD from the University of Michigan. A Fulbright Fellow, he studied with leading economic historian Gary Saxonhouse. Wallace’s academic research and publications have focused on the interplay between business collaboration and competition.

Wallace has lived on four continents and is currently based in Wilmington, Delaware. As a husband and the father of three young sons, he worries about the state of the world we will pass on to the next generation. Wallace believes American society must do more than survive—it must flourish.